Revenue & Marketing Strategies for Restaurants 2020

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Revenue & Marketing Strategies for Restaurants 2020

Getting people to be aware of, and continuously patronize, long enough to become customers, is very important to any business. This makes marketing a key player in acquiring growth and profit from revenue, for any business.


We developed marketing strategies for a client in the food industry, a restaurant, to help them drive revenue through online marketing.

To kick off, we got them ads on some apps and websites, all of which are frequented by their target audience, potential customers for their business. This, alongside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was used to facilitate traffic for their website, and engagement for their business, as well as encourage customers to eat at/ order from their restaurant, and continue coming back for their services.

While we are aware that the exact same plan may not work for every restaurant, we also know that you can adopt a strategy, which will simply be perfect for your brand. Before venturing into the diverse marketing strategies, here is a breakdown of the outlets which will be maximized for your business marketing through paid online ads, and other published content.

Here are some outlets that will work towards keeping your business afloat, increasing growth and furthering your marketing plan.


1. Food Delivery Apps

Note: All are available for both android and ios.
Be sure to learn about your profit margins before getting started, as they have different pricing rates and you need to know what your profit margin is, before deciding which app(s) you want to use for marketing.

2. Catering Apps


  • EZ Cater
  • Fooda
  • EATclub
  • Eatgeek
  • Chewse
  • Peach
  • Hoppier
  • Platterz
  • Meido
  • eatNgage

Apps like EZ cater, are also a great feature in making sure that you are getting larger orders. You may, however, need a staff to support any last minute orders of a large quantity.

3. Deal websites

  • Groupon
  • Airbnb Experiences
  • LivingSocial
  • Yipit
  • CouponX

While this may not be super profitable in terms of revenue, the strategy here is that the SEO+ feature would give your business a busy look to viewers. Potential customers look out for busier restaurants, as opposed to empty ones because they believe the service will be exceptional.

4. Blogger Featured Articles

Reach out to bloggers and foodies with high online engagements and ask them to try out your food. Local bloggers will help influence others to come out, running an unofficial word-of-mouth/ review ad for your business.

5. Google Ads for services

….Such as catering and Event Location services
While this option will definitely be capital-extensive, Google offers the best buyer intent, over all other ad outlets. You can even configure ‘click to call’ ads for specific services such as, catering. With Google local, your ads will appear on Google maps which is also powerful to help you encourage local engagement.
Note** There are different types of ad accounts and advertising structures that Google offers. For additional Emarketing Consulting Services please learn more: HERE

TIP* PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SET THIS UP BY YOURSELF. So many people try to maneuver this medium, but end up spending more than they should. Get an expert to show you the ropes and get the perfect setup to achieve your aim.

6. Re-marketing

You need to RE-establish communication by identifying potential customers and getting most of them to come back. Re-marketing is crucial, and best achieved by engaging your online newsletter list, as well as your website viewers.
Re-Marketing can be done via ads through google ads or facebook ad manager. 

7. Event Listing Websites

Getting promotional content and ads on event listing websites will help others find out about your business. It also helps you boost growth with SEO. People looking for a different experience may also come across your event! Facebook and Eventbrite are the top event listing websites for 2020.

Why are we giving away the secret sauce?

We value transparency and accountability in all our transactions. We will do any of the above for you with efficiency and professionalism which capitalize our efforts to maximum. For every click, there is a new profile which we will utilize for dual marketing, giving you the best value.

Estimated Additional Revenue

  • Delivery apps -Additional $500 per month
  • Catering App -Additional $300 per month
  • Groupon -Additional $250 per month (more for advertising)
  • Google Ads -Additional 25-50 people per week (if their bill was $20 dollars = min $500 per week = $2000 per month minimum)

From the above alone, the marketing budget would be inclusive of about an additional $3000 per month.


Your initial marketing efforts are crucial in to getting new people at your door to experience your restaurant.
If your operations or service is not at the premium level, it may cost you customers and you will have to continue to make up for the loss. So, aggressive marketing should be topped with efficient, customer-friendly services with premium delivery of all products, as advertised.
Your marketing budget should be determined by your number of seating. The larger your space, the more marketing is required. Most importantly, you have to enlist the help of a professional e-marketer or consulting agent to help you secure the best ads and avoid using restricted content.

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