Design Moves Marketing Studio

Just naturally different. We blur the line between a design company and a marketing company, using concepts from both to build a total presence for our clients to thrive. As a full-service marketing company, we offer services that range from website design to printing, to offline marketing. Serving the United States, primarily the east and west coast, we have built a reputation for marketing several industries both small and large.


Design Moves is a leading design company that specialized in creating tailor made marketing approaches. We offer a comprehensive range of products and business solutions such as graphic design, website design, social media management, and brand development techniques. The idea for our name comes from our attempt to stress the importance that every industry needs to be visually appealing in order to attract potential customers. We want our clients to feel proud to utilize our services and designs.


Local SEO services

Enhance your website's visibility in local search results and attract targeted customers in your area with our comprehensive Local SEO services.


From curating content to providing a full management service, we can tailor your needs to the type of objectives you are looking for.

Google Adwords PPC

Getting a handle of what your needs are, we can help determine the appropriate and effective keywords necessary in growing more business opportunities.

Government Marketing Services

Elevate your government agency's outreach and engagement with our specialized Government Marketing Services tailored to effectively communicate your message to the public.


From emarketing consulting to in-person meetings in South Florida (Oakland Park, Fl). Consultations can vary from monthly coaching to a specific consultation request.


Marketing video & drone production on-site or video editing of footage you have already filmed remotely. Please note* we are not a film production company.


  • Summary: Intake Systems – Create centralized inboxes/forms to route incoming queries to correct departments. Saves residents from contacting multiple numbers/emails. Response Protocols – Set expected response times for common question types. Social questions answered ASAP. Email/form inquiries within 24 hrs. Phone within 3 rings. Content...

  • Background Our client, a local Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, had previously engaged a PPC company to manage their online advertising efforts. However, they faced significant challenges with this company, including poor communication and a lack of professionalism. The chiropractor’s goal was to generate 18 new patient...

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