5 Ingenious & Proven Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

5 Ingenious & Proven Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Do you wish to stand apart in the immense crowd even as a small local business owner? Often the local businesses lose its charm in the crowd of big players. But, there are numerous ways to shine as bright as any of your renowned counterparts sitting in your small town or city. Curious as to how? You must know how to endorse your business without being too pushy.
Yes, the buzzword is right ingenious marketing. Even the giant companies like Starbucks uses proven promotional tips to create more visibility. Here are the five most useful and proven marketing tips for your local businesses.

1. Make use of Free Online Local Listings

One of the easiest ways to attract the attention of the customers is to advertise by your geography. It is observed that five out of six people use various search engines to search product info, company hours, directions, or exact location of the business. So, listing your business in the local directories and search engines such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Manta, Yellowbook, Citysearch,, etc., can increase the visibility of your business to a great extent.

2. Ask for Reviews

Whether plumbing needs at home or deciding on the right restaurant for a great dinner, most of the people trust the online reviews that appear on trusted third party listings while determining a local business’s quality. Asking your happy customers to leave a positive feedback and improving your presence on the third party sites online is a vital element of drawing attention to new business. Interacting and responding to the customer’s reviews, whether negative or positive helps to secure brands identity and win the trust of the customers.

3. Participate in Local Events

Have you ever attended local events in your geography? If not, then now is the right time to go ahead. Introducing your business offerings in person or the local fairs, art walks, parades, outdoor concerts, and more can benefit your business. You get to meet a lot of people from your business circle. Such connections and your happy customers can help your business grow by triggering a word of mouth advertisement.

4. Geotag on Social Media Outlets

Dynamically utilizing social media outlets can generate public interest. By sharing info, creating quizzes and question or answer posts, or updating the folks about the changes in your company, and posting images from your particular store or office location in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, you can build trust for your brand among the customers. The big player such as Publix Super Market and more or less every small or big business also use social media platforms.

5. Use of Paid Advertising Channels using local keywords

Once you are ready to invest on promotions, paid advertising channels like Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and hiring a company for SEO (search engine optimization) can increase the visibility as well as ranking in the search engines. All such channels use specific keywords and geotag depending on the tool to target a specific group of customers.
Achieve the dreams of reaching the heights of success in your business with above mentioned verified, economical, and useful guidelines. With these five tips, you will be able to maintain a foundation for growth within your local business. Many companies operate on these principles alone. In the initial stage of your business, it might seem difficult. But, as soon as you start building connections and links, referrals from those customers will bring in more people to your storefront.

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