Top Utilized Social Media Channels for Business

Top Utilized Social Media Channels for Business

Social media has been one of the greatest innovations in technology. Not only are we able to communicate effectively, but it has increased our ability to market directly to those we want to reach. In order to increase your brand presence, you need to be active on all forms of social media. But being that there are so many outlets, keeping up and maintaining accounts can prove to be quite difficult unless your business has a person or a staff dedicated to this task. If your business is just starting out, here are the top utilized social media channels for business.



Facebook boasts over 1.9 billion users and comprises the largest blend of demographics of any social platform. It’s a great medium for your business to interact with prospective customers all around the world. Facebook has a wealth of options for any business. Share photos, videos, ads, company updates and so much more. Pay a little extra to have your brand sponsored and presented to a certain area or demographic. Post several updates daily and engage with friends and followers to increase your brand’s awareness.



With Twitter, you can share posts and interact with different users in 240 characters or less. The wealth lies in the opportunity for any of your tweets to go viral. There are about 328 million Twitter users around the world. The more times your tweets are shared, the more followers you will gain. We also retweet other users to increase the likelihood of them following us back. If you have lots of interesting content, this is a great tool for spreading the word. Twitter is not only a great way for marketing your business, but it’s also a great way to handle customer service. If your business maintains an active frequency on the platform, customers of yours that are also active are likely to express their concerns or share their praises.



LinkedIn is best for B2B service providers, recruiters, and job seekers. Though it may not be as popular as other social media platforms, it still hosts about 250 million monthly users. Through this platform, it’s very easy to connect with business professionals from any industry, as you can target them directly by industry, job title, etc. LinkedIn prioritizes relationship building more than any other social media platform. Keep a company profile page and description mindful of SEO keywords. Make sure people in your organization are appropriate, professional, and on-brand.

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Instagram is a visual social media platform based entirely on photo and video posts. This social network has over 700 million active users, many of whom share food, travel, art, fashion, and similar content. More artistic niches tend to excel on Instagram, so depending on your industry it may or may not be the best fit for your business. But you can use this platform to share photos and videos of events or trade-shows and do giveaways or have other incentives for followers and attendees.



Pinterest is a visual platform, so only use this if you have quality images to share. The better the quality, the more likely images are to go viral. Popular categories on this site include DIY projects, fashion, art, food, design, etc. This platform allows users to “pin” content to digital bulletin boards which can be organized by category. There are also special pins called Rich Pins that brands can use to add special information to their pins, such as product details or location maps.



YouTube is a video sharing platform with more than 1 billion users where people can view, upload, rate, comment, and share content. Now owned by Google, it has become a huge hub for news and entertainment. This platform is driven by creativity in content. Many businesses use YouTube to share their educational and creative components, but your business doesn’t necessarily have to have a YouTube channel. Businesses often connect with vloggers, (often called YouTubers), who regularly publish videos and maintain a large audience for product placement in some of their videos.


There are many other platforms with millions of users such as Snapchat, known for its disappearing content. Or sites like Yelp where customers can review your business or products. There are plenty of sites to keep your business present, active, and engaging to build awareness and bring in new potential customers, clients, and business partners.


It’s up to you which platform will become your marketing paradise. It’s not just a site that you have to check, but one that has the best compatibility for your business.

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