Are Your Social Media Accounts Designed for Success?

Are Your Social Media Accounts Designed for Success?

From interactive infographics and videos on Facebook to images that evoke an emotional response from your Instagram followers, sharing valuable content on your social networks is an optimal way to amplify loyalty and cultivate new revenue. Leveraging social media outlets to elevate brand awareness and drive engagement from your intended audience is an essential component of any sound marketing strategy. Many businesses aren’t familiar with social media etiquette and look for guidance when it comes to implementing effective social tactics. 

Number of Social Media Followers

When using social media channels to build your network, accumulating followers can become addicting. However, metrics based on vanity will not satisfy your company’s overarching business objectives if you’ve built a network of followers that aren’t high-quality users. When social media efforts fail to breed results, it can typically be attributed to stagnant followers. Users who don’t contribute or engage with your accounts or never share your content with their networks aren’t provided any value. These kinds of followers are the types of individuals that you do not want to attract as they are likely to never use your products or services. 

Rate of Interaction

While inflating your number of followers is certainly important, it’s a futile effort if you do not capture the right audience.  The rate with which your followers are interacting with your social media pages should never fall below 15%. If the percentage is beneath that level, you are either dealing with a stagnant audience, or you may have accrued a swarm of fake accounts. Clicks to your website, lead conversions from your social media pages, company name mentions, individuals ‘checking-in,’ to your location (if applicable), and content sharing are crucial metrics that you should be measuring and analyzing. 

Meaningless Content = Profitless Content

If you’re creating content that is irrelevant to your followers, you will subsequently fail to attract your target audience. You need to gain a deep understanding of your market and produce entertaining and beneficial content that speaks to these individuals. Images, videos, or messages that are strictly promotional, are poorly designed, lack relevancy, and provide zero value for your followers, will not yield a good user experience. Likewise, if the content is badly written or unclear, your followers will not be able to understand the meaning of your message and lose interest.

The Age of Google

We live in a digital marketplace where information is accessible with a mere click of a button. As a result, consumers often judge the credibility of an individual or company’s products/services by consulting Google’s search engine. There’s a myriad of areas where social media and some quick research can give potential customers the answers they’re looking for. These tools can be used to research colleagues or potential hires, look for reviews on a company before purchasing from them, or even to fish for information on a significant other or new friend. After doing some research, individuals will have the insight necessary for making an educated decision regarding an individual or company’s value and if they align with their standards or beliefs. 

Why Use a Hybrid Marketing Company?

Hybrid Marketing Companies, such as Design Moves, integrates PR, visuals, and marketing strategies into a customized recipe for helping your business’s organizational endeavors. Their tailor-made solutions are focused on fulfilling your company’s branding, marketing, and advertising goals by using innovative technology and techniques. Offering a wide variety of services like social media management, brand development, website design, and graphic design, Design Moves applies their expertise and creativity to boost their client’s presence in the marketplace, stimulate their revenue growth, and deliver an optimal ROI.