Review Automation and Why It's Important 

Review Automation and Why It's Important 

Customer feedback such as reviews and testimonials play an important role in any business. But it’s also known that the process of having this information at hand is difficult. Thanks to advancement in technology, reviews can now be done online. This does not mean though that you’ll get more quality data from customers.

Why is gathering reviews important?

Customer feedback is a powerful management tool, but many organizations fail to recognize that. Gathering reviews about your business will let you know what others perceive about your performance. It makes you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and helps you find ways to improve your overall efficiency.
Businesses of today need to focus more on online customer reviews. These can have a significant impact, particularly on your reputation on the web. Online reviews serve as the word of mouth marketing in today’s business setting. They can inform you of the best or worst experiences customers have with your business. Making this feedback available helps you get back or stay on track.

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What makes getting reviews challenging?

Gathering customer feedback is not an easy job. Asking customers to write reviews about your product or service can be time-consuming. And you’ll need to let them go through the process of posting this online.
If you plan on collecting customer reviews or are currently stuck in it, here are some things you may want to consider.

  • How large is your team?

Sometimes, it’s not the size of your team that makes the process of gathering reviews difficult. If your team is small, you may lack the manpower to do this task and your members likely have more important priorities. If you have a larger team, this does not necessarily make the process easier either. You may have more staff to do the job but if everyone is busy with their main duties, following up on reviews can be tough.

  • What you may need to know before asking reviews?

When you ask for feedback, you want to get positive opinions as much as possible. But you expect that some of your respondents will give a bad review. A negative comment posted online and being accessible to other users can put your company in a bad light.
And if you keep on following up reviews, this can make you sound pushy and even drive your customers away. Remember that most customers do not find participating in reviews that interesting. So if you keep on nagging them, your respondents might give a hostile reaction.

Why is it important to automate your review gathering process?

Getting customer reviews involves some difficulty but you have noticed the importance it is for your business. Automating your customer reviews can help address both and save thousands of dollars, time, and effort. It’s now a lot easier reaching out to more customers to get a five-star rating plus their valuable insights. Likewise, you no longer have to think about making follow-ups and your team can completely focus on their respective tasks.
But with many review automation software tools available nowadays, it’s necessary to be smart enough in choosing the best app that provides the most value to your business.

Our recommended software for your review automation

We at Design Moves highly recommend using SoTellUs when automating your review process. It has the following features that are very helpful in enhancing your online reviews.

It filters out the negative reviews

With it, you can now control the information provided by your customers about your business. It lets you choose the reviews you want to share with others and solves your concern with negative feedback.

You can select a bunch of review sites to choose from

Customers will find it more convenient to make their reviews if they have multiple options on where to do it. Aside from your website, they can write their reviews on Facebook or Google, whichever works well for them.

The only platform that encourages video testimonials

Some customers like talking to share their thoughts about your business instead of writing them down. Using SoTellUs allows you to capture this moment with these customers easily.

Helps with local SEO

You may not know it but reviews from customers are highly influential when assessing the performance of a local business on the local search and map results. With SoTellUs, you can manage your online reviews and make your business highly visible to users. This means that each time they search you up on the internet, the relevant reviews appear on top of the search engines several times.

Also has a package where it encourages referrals

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You not only get feedback from your customers easily but also referrals. When they share their reviews with their friends on social media, your special offer is attached to it. Once they claimed your offer, you receive their contact details letting you reach out to them instantly.

You can learn more about how you can take advantage of this powerful review automation software and take your review process to the next level by visiting their website on

Here are some packages and general rates:

SoTellUs Premium 100 $99 monthly: here

Full review system for follow ups

SoTellUs Premium 300 $199 monthly: here

Full review system + referral bonus (shares on Facebook for an additional outlet to gather new customers)