Pulling Your Weight in Gold

Pulling Your Weight in Gold

The Gold Price Per Gram is $43.08, do you know how much you’re worth? In a variety of scenarios, the real answer is that you are priceless. You have the capabilities to produce your value in both gold, silver, and platinum. This article is merely a reminder.

When doing anything in life, sometimes it can be hard to motivate ourselves. At some point, we’ll need that extra push to keep ourselves going. It’s always important to remember the end goal and to never give up until we are delighted with the result that we have gotten. Support from others is essential, yes. Though sometimes it can be tough, your most crucial supporter is yourself.

All businesses tend to have a mission statement. Set the direction for your company. Describe your organization’s goals, culture, and underlying core values. At the same time, set a personal mission statement to keep yourself going. Write it down, carry it with you. Memorize your mission statement. It should serve as a constant reminder of your purpose for becoming an entrepreneur.

While you begin your business venture, planning is the most critical step. To reach your optimal success, it’s crucial you know what moves your making, when, and how. A plan is like a map. You would be able to see how much you have progressed and how far you are from your destination. Follow your map accordingly, and you can reduce the much necessary time and effort in reaching the goal. Knowing where you are on your route can also make right decisions on where to go and what to do next.

Like Benjamin Franklin said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

As tempting as it may seem, don’t quit your day job tomorrow. As you start your business, it may take months before your startup can pay your bills. Until you can rely on your business as the primary source of income, you’ll still need to keep your traditional job. Test the waters. Try finding your first client while you are still working. Study the outcome. Let that first client experience be the basis of what to do and not do as you continue business. As you gain more clients, you can tweak your strategies to be more fitting to individuals and get a general overall feeling of how to conduct your products or services.


Perform Tasks Weighted in Gold

What tasks are going to make the most significant difference in your life? This time of year is a perfect time you may need to take a step back and re-assess where you are utilizing most of your efforts. If you had a life coach managing your actions, what would he or she say about your routine? Hold yourself accountable towards your goals and act in a way that gives you the best return on your time. Remember you are worth more than gold, you deserve to be able to achieve your goals.

Remember Balance is Everything

Take some time to yourself. Starting your own business can be overwhelming at times. Allow yourself to take a breather: think, walk, meditate, or even exercise. Eat properly and stay hydrated to help you stay focused. Do your best to stay positive. Do things that make you happy. Most importantly, don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. With few exceptions, no unfinished task is worth the misery of losing sleep over it. You’ll wake up recharged the next day, and take on finishing these tasks become infinitely more accessible. Your goal is to be able to perform at optimal pace while reducing your risk of sickness or medical bills that may slow you down.

Know when to reward yourself

when you deserve it

We are our own worst critics… we get it! But when a certain benchmark has been achieved you need to be able to recognize it and appreciate the journey as it comes along. One of the best motivational tactics is taking some time to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come. Don’t underestimate the things you’ve done and let it inspire you to conquer more objectives in the future.

Why this matters

Here at Design Moves LLC, our mission is to produce the most efficient path to your success. Every move should be taken with importance and attention to detail so that it all aligns towards your mission and nothing else. From compiling a marketing strategy to setting up visual aids,  all have a common purpose and it all makes a difference.