Case Study: A Whole New Client Base with PPC Ads

Case Study: A Whole New Client Base with PPC Ads

Recently, Design Moves had the opportunity to build a significant part of new clients for a company who had a niche for children’s parties. This particular company had worked with a competitor in the past and had not received much results after a long period of working with a prior company pitching a social media service. In consulting with the client, we had revisited square one. After extensive research, we created a plan for this company going a different route from a social media outreach service.


The client’s primary objective was to build her client base. She is a mobile service provider and needs a mobile type of advertising where she could attain leads aside from her general networking efforts.

Social media is just that: social, not a sole source of sales. Even though there are situations where new business is possible with social media, the platform is not directly related to a buying mentality.

The most important thing was to build an appropriate buying audience to get the business seen by the right people. By increasing the online presence, the opportunity for increased sales presents itself. If marketed correctly, when potential clients come across something that they see and like, they will more than likely become customers.

Demographic Reach:

  • Parents / Mothers looking for this particular service
  • Mobile Niche Service Provider (location based: South Florida)

Action plan

First things first, we assessed the company’s competitors. What they were doing, how they looked, what their landing page looked like and what kinds of keywords they were using. Next, we optimized the company’s landing page to showcase what the company was about, where they were located, incorporated videos, and included reviews to showcase the company’s abilities and trustworthiness. We decided to proceed using Google AdWords pay per click (PPC).

Google Adwords PPC is a process using google’s advertising platform in order to appear in search engines. This is a faster way to appear in front of potential customers however the advertising platform charges per click thus the name PAY PER CLICK.

Throughout this process, being that it was a low competition niche; based on estimates, click thru rates were extremely inexpensive.The benefit of our research, we successfully brought the most traffic and the most clicks, with the same overall budget.

Similar to a sales funnel:


So we have to start with the top with prospects in order to create the end goal; sales.



The optimization of the landing page was a success. After a month of work, the company averaged about 130 clicks at 80 cents per click from Google AdWords. The call to action was clear: instead of communication by email, they preferred a phone call–and they did just that. They came from barely getting any phone calls to getting 15 in one month. From those 15 calls they secured six bookings in the first month!

We were able to successfully create an optimized platform where the client could build her customer base out of a reasonable monthly budget. Through working together creating a healthy balance of what both her customers want versus what the owner wants, the outcome is 90% more qualified leads that have an exceptionally high closing rate.

Below is a screenshot on the numbers for the curious.


The Lesson

  • Success was measured from CALL to BOOKING

We give folks a sense of HOPE 

In working with this client, we hope that you learn quite a few things. For starters, a small budget can go a really long way. Using Google AdWords is not just for the larger organizations and corporations. Smaller, local companies can also make use of the service with great results. The creation of the landing page is crucial. You want to to get the most important information to viewers first, and efficiently so they don’t lose interest. Smaller businesses can put themselves on the map and get noticed by the right people to potentially become clients. In the end, it’s about how you present your brand.

You should also learn that not everyone knows what they are doing. We NEVER recommend a DIY method for any PPC platform because it is quite complicated. At times we meet clients that assume this form of advertising does not work because “they have attempted it themselves”. Google and many other search platforms are consumer centric regardless of how much money you throw at them, so the advertising platform will always cater to the visitor and NOT THE ADVERTISER. So your goal is to serve your website visitor and serve the search engine’s regulations.



Moving forward, yes we have hit the mark with one lead generation strategy however our quest does not stop! This is a niche market so there’s only so many visitors per month regardless of whether we increase a PPC budget.

We intend on either adding more complimentary services alongside what she is currently doing on PPC as well as incorporating other channels such as Bing / Yahoo / and social media platforms to further increase lead generation efforts.

Aside from the acquiring efforts, we would like to solidify some videos to build credibility and content for the client thus increasing a conversion rate.


I hope you enjoyed this case study as much as we did!

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