Case Study: Local Government + Social Media

Case Study: Local Government + Social Media


This year we at Design Moves were fortunate enough to enter into the local government arena. Having an outside perspective looking in is an area that we have found helpful when working with local governments and finding solutions.
Awareness is something that local governments should have over their local news stations. They need to provide the facts within the projects and services they represent. There are aspects beyond politics from which local residents and business owners can really use to their benefit. Below is a case study regarding some insight.
If the employees within the local governments have a passion for what they do, they are most certainly capable of a positive change within their local communities. We at Design Moves have had the pleasure of representing and working with those looking to build their cities.


A local government wanted to create a greater overall awareness in the public about all the jobs they do to serve the community.

Reach beyond the politics of government.

They wanted to create a better flow of information.

Boost attendance to government events and bring in more residents to participate within their community.


Connect all of the different departments online, for ease of navigation and fluidity.
All necessary departments receive a subsection of the branding designed for the local government. Create a pleasing, unified look while giving each department a unique touch in their design to best represent their job within the organization.
Build a greater transparency for interaction online between the government and the public, creating a positive force to ensure the government was approachable and all questions and concerns were answered.
Design and build a positive campaign highlighting the services the government provides that would not have been known by the public otherwise.


The client is much more consistent in the amount they post on social media, leading to a greater transparency and well-informed public.
A majority of the posts have been designed to be highly visual, in either video or image formats, leading to the information being shared in an easier to understand as well as more interesting fashion.
Bi-weekly meetings have been set up to ensure all highlights and relevant information has been passed on to the city’s citizens, and creating greater communication between branches.
Branding aesthetics for the city are much farther along and are continuing to be built at a steady rate, creating a pleasing, uniform atmosphere for workers, citizens, and tourism.


Numbers in all accounts grew by over 150%.
General interactions between the government and the public rose, helping find the needs of the community much quicker. Attendance to government events grew in tremendous numbers.
The work here has become an example for many other departments within the government, leading to more collaboration and communication in the office and other widespread improvements within the city.
A positive tone has been placed on community building events and meetings that has led many citizens to become more involved. There have been many more seminars covering prominent areas of concern for residents and small business owners.


This is an ongoing project that will continue to develop as strongly going forward as when it was started. The benefits of the social media platform have been realized and will be considered in all industries as it serves as a great base for communication, if built correctly. The city has been hardworking and held a positive tone through the whole initiative, they are starting to see the fruits of their labor. This will be an ongoing partnership between the government and Design Moves, as the collaboration is crucial to the contracts success.