The Importance of Google News & Google Alerts

The Importance of Google News & Google Alerts

Google alerts are a distinctive way to drive traffic to a website. It can be described as the emailed notifications of news items related to the requested search terms that users type in Google engine. There are a great many ways to employ Google alerts to improve a business and stay informed about the up and coming services of an organization. Although as static websites do not change their structure and provide current news, they aren’t included in Google Alerts. Moreover, Google alerts are an imminent method to enhance your online audience base especially towards an audience that has signed up to a specific set of keywords like a “location” or “niche”.


Even though this article is about the Business & News Side of Google News and Alerts, to learn about how to sign up to receive Google Alerts please click here. 

*Google Alerts are a great way to see what is happening relevant to particular industries and locations that news outlets you personally follow may not have mentioned.


Benefits of appearing on google alerts

This is referring to having YOUR NEWS ARTICLE appear on Google News and Google Alerts. 

    1. Google alerts allow people to get notified of the change in your news article thus driving traffic to your website


    1. It enables people to keep track of the topics or content that they like on your website. So, if you do any change in them those people will get a notification that’ll ensure that your existing audience is kept engaged in your business


    1. If your news articles are listed under Google news or Google alerts then it’ll help your audience up-to-date about your new and current services


    1. By making sure that your news is coming under Google news or Google alerts, you can ensure that you are way ahead of your competitors in terms of grabbing new users and keeping the existing ones intact


    1. Also, if the audience of your website subscribes to Google alerts of your news articles you can sit back and relax as you won’t have to worry about losing customers because your current customer base is happy and engaged with the content that you upload on your website


    1. You can also use new applications and plugins that allows you to rank under Google news or Google alerts as it’ll also keep you up-to-date with the customer behavior which you can use to align your work with the customer’s requests


There are a myriad of benefits of using Google alerts for multiple instances and a business can go about doing the same with the help of marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale. They offer consultancy and services for online marketing, videography, and graphic design based in Fort Lauderdale.

Google news works for many online elements but if only the news articles are taken into account, Google news perform in a certain different way.

Google News Example for Local Hair Salon

How to get your website listed under Google alerts?

  1. Keep the content type relevant

Not all websites or news articles are listed under Google news  because content is relevant. You should keep away from tips and advice, job adverts, or information-only content, like the weather or share prices.

  1. Original content

Make sure that the content on your website is handwritten and not machine generated. Also, the written article should be curated and formulated with efficiency and precision.

  1. Write industry leading content

To make your news article appear under Google news, write content that is industry leading and show expertise in particular topic which is backed by relevant statistics.

You should also keep the below guidelines in mind:

  1. Make sure URLs and backlinks are descriptive of content
  2. Content should only be provided in HTML format and not in PDFs or JavaScript
  3. The domain where content is pasted should be accessible by search engines


Google News Website Submission

Once you have found that you met these requirements please visit: submit your website link to Google News here 

Didn’t work?!

Yes Google is picky with who it selects as a reputable Google News Article Source. In the long run, keep making sure the quality is where it abides by Google’s quality standards so that you eventually get accepted within this column. Worst-case scenario you can hire a news outlet found on Google News such as a local paper.  Another way is to create a press release and use a press release submission service that is featured on Google News.


In the grand scheme of things

For those unacquainted with Google News or Google Alerts… Why is this important? In making the long story short, it can be a difference from a couple hundred visitors per day versus a couple hundred thousand.. Get it?!

Final Point** Please remember to make sure that in all of your efforts, that you remember to make sure your content is not only good but PHENOMENAL. You need to keep your core strong to be able to market it.

More information about Google News Submission:


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