FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: S.I.T. Becomes Sponsor of 2018BIZ South Florida Workshops

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: S.I.T. Becomes Sponsor of 2018BIZ South Florida Workshops

Design Moves is proud to announce its newest sponsor for the 2018Biz South Florida Free Business Workshops, Segura Instructional Technology, more commonly referred to as S.I.T.

S.I.T. has become a sponsor for the Workshops as of March. The mission of S.I.T. is “to provide customized, enthusiastic, and passionate training to inspire individuals and organizations to their true potential.” S.I.T. is where you “SIT N Learn to inspire and motivate yourself, your team and organization to the next level.”

S.I.T. was founded by Dr. Daniel Segura. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Segura has worked as a leader and a mentor in the healthcare environment, involving emergency care, administration, technology and education. Segura’s partner, director Daniel Tejada specialized in occupational health and utilized his skills in helping employees to become more aware of their health while working. Both directors of the S.I.T. program strive to inspire individuals thoughts and lives by helping to support them in different aspects of their personal, family and work environments.


In addition Dr. Segura will be hosting 2018Biz South Florida Workshops. He hopes for the betterment of the community. “If you want your business to increase and take it to the next level, it’s a perfect opportunity,” he said of the workshops. “There’s always something new that you can learn from. So if these workshops are designed to take your business to the level, from marketing, to sales, to motivating your team, it’s a great opportunity. It’s as a community coming together and networking together.”

S.I.T. hopes to bring individuals to their fullest potential by allowing participants to get real time personal growth from their experience. Their goal is to have companies and individuals understand the power of one’s self and their limitless abilities. Design Moves looks forward to the partnership with S.I.T. for the abundance of opportunities that would arise to help those in our business communities thrive on their highest levels.

Any entities still interested in sponsorships are asked to visit the 2018 Business Workshop website


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