Fun with Story Filters: A Unique Way to Advertise

Fun with Story Filters: A Unique Way to Advertise

Oftentimes in marketing, agencies and consultants are always looking for ways to find the most cost effective methods to advertise. With so many options available digitally, the newer the platform the more commonly the cheapest form of advertising there is. This is because the newer platforms are actively trying to gain the user base that many of the veteran platforms currently have.

In conducting some research and testing some innovative components, both instagram and snapchat story filters are something that can be created once and working for you to build a loyal customer base. It is a different angle from which does not directly advertise your messaging however it can be created to build a customer base that revolves around your organization’s culture, tone and brand. 

Why are Story Filters worth looking at?

Story Filters are a “one and done” effort,

Once the filter is published by a social media platform, users are able to access it 24/7. It may however require an initial push if you can get influencers to use the filter or for encouraging others to start using the filter on a regular basis so that it can appear on the explore filters section. 

The cost savings are great for non-profits and government agencies looking to spread the word on specific campaigns.

Instagram Filters are interactive and user-generated.

Digital marketing is more prevalent than ever. From trending hashtags to 360-degree videos, marketers are leveraging digital platforms in order to gain an edge over their competition, attract and maintain a loyal audience.

All about the content, why not let them build it for you? 

But it’s still all about content. You still need to create compelling content to create the links to your social media profile and conversions your business needs. And to do this, you can’t get stuck relying on traditional marketing tactics. Digital advertising just isn’t as effective without a good strategy to back the channels.

Videos is all the rage, why not get others to use the filters for you

The more a filter is shared, the more virality it becomes without you doing anything but creating the filter itself. It is known that many celebrities and pop singers on Instagram have created custom story filters to spread their awareness even more internationally. 

There is a button from which profile the Instagram Filter comes from and how to save it to your filters. 

Create Social Media Videos – View, Share and Learn. Videos are the new face of social media. Nowadays it’s more efficient and affordable to create social media videos. By using these video tutorials, you can showcase how you market your business.

Let’s start measuring! 

Instagram Filters come with In-depth Filter Analytics

Use Analytics to Build Better Digital Marketing Campaigns

All social media marketing campaigns are based on marketing analytics. For instance, social media analytics allows you to track when and where your customers spend their time on social media. With this in mind, you can understand which hashtags are driving your audience to your social media profiles. With this story insight, you can even identify which specific marketing filters are working for you and your business.

AI is coming in hot. 

For those that are not utilizing new technologies, please look at these approaches as more beneficial and cost effective for your business NOW versus later when it has become a staple in society. The longer you wait to utilize new technologies and tools, the more expensive and sometimes harder “ease of entry” into these kinds of things. 

What have you used lately that is innovative?