Do You Root For Your Client’s Success?

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Do You Root For Your Client’s Success?

A big differentiator between us and maybe another competitor (from which are also fairly good) is that we root for our clients. We root for them as if we are their real friends. We root for them as if we’ve seen all of the adversities that they have gone through. As business owners of ourselves we understand that sometimes being an entrepreneur may feel like you want to crawl in the fetal position of your office. Sometimes when you win you want to rub your success in everyone’s face that has ever doubted you from the very beginning. Mind you, there are a set of positive adventures and experiences.

“You see, I still get excited when I see a business winning whether it was because of our efforts or because of their very own. We have a tendency to work so hard to get our business off the ground that it becomes a part of us, and of how we identify ourselves. If you are not rooting for your client’s success, why are you really there? If not to make an actual difference, why even go to work? 

In American culture, we view success as a financial or professional achievement, but what about personal achievement? Like the true American that I am, having that obsession, I learned that there were many facets and needs beyond our professional life in order to achieve real fulfillment. A lack of understanding ourselves and understanding what we truly want is a big part of that. ” – Larissa Castelluber

Regardless of what you do in life, there needs to be a purpose behind what you do. So as I write this to you, think about why you do what you do. Care about what you do. Care about your clients and colleagues. Root for the successes of others. 

Life is short, make it count.

Ted Rubin once said: ” indifference is expensive. Hostility is unaffordable. Trust is priceless. It’s all about relationships. “

Questions for reflection: 

  • Do you root for your friends and families successes?
  • Are you genuinely happy for others?
  • Do you help others without the expectation of anything in return?
  • If not, why is that?

We hope that this year regardless of the circumstance, becomes a year of growth for you either personally, professionally or financially. May you and your family be safe.

Marketing Side Note:

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