Why it Matters to Check Your Website Statistics

Why it Matters to Check Your Website Statistics

Tracking the statistics and data for a site can be overwhelming but beneficial. You can see the traffic that your site gets as well as learn about your visitors and the site’s overall performance on the market. Many statistical analysis sites can help you, such as The Stats analyze, or google analytics. Both are a great free option, Google Analytics does however offer a more in-depth alternative.

Finding Your Position in the World

It is important for a business to know where they are and a successful website is fundamental for any growing enterprise. How do you evaluate if your site is successful? When you monitor the statistics collected from your site, you can measure the success of your site. Knowing where you currently will tell you where you need to go.
When you want to use advertising for your site, you need to know the audience and the costs. The more catered traffic you have, the better your prospects and potential sales will be. Consumers will learn about your products and services by using your site and the most popular ways to increase website traffic are:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Mobile marketing

If your mission is to be number one in a particular field, you need to have clear goals and decide on the steps towards meeting that objective. Using statistical data about your website can help achieve this aim by allowing you to evaluate the current situation. Having a starting point will allow for a proper direction of your overall goal. Reaching your goals will depend heavily on understanding where you are, what tools you are using and how to benchmark the process.

Stats win with:

  • knowing if you are on the right track
  • if investments on advertising and promotion are working as expected
  • ability to retain existing clients and build new ones
  • learning about which online marketing channels are giving you the most return on your investment


Finding Your Online Purpose

When you look at your competition’s website, do they get more traffic? Do you wonder where you are in relation to the other companies on the market? Successful websites need to consider the following:

  • The audience / customer’s needs
  • How to make the overall messaging better for their target users
  • Your website needs to be competitive in comparison
  • A monitoring of metrics, both your own and the competitors need to be consistent

The top-rated websites make sure their customer base is happy which promotes organic word of mouth and review-marketing efforts. They offer more engaging content, and more unique and quality information. You need to make your customer’s lives easier by providing what they want in a format they can use.
You want your website to be appealing so it stands out against the competition. Being comprehensive, updated, easily accessible and mobile friendly are all guaranteed to make it popular. Statistical analysis of your website can show you how you rate against the competition so you know where to make the appropriate changes. Knowing the difference between “unique visitors”, “pageviews”, and “bounce rates” are staples to learning a little bit more about your viewer base.
Communication is essential to the success of a website and business. You want to look at what competitors in your niche are offering. Blogs, comment sections, emails or even newsletter subscriptions are all valuable ways to stay in touch with customers. Communication makes people feel values, which will bring them back to your site time and time again.
Online businesses rely on new traffic to increase exposure and ultimately profits. When it comes to increasing traffic you need to set realistic goals, such as one hundred new visitors every two months. Using social media, referrals and word of mouth can help you achieve this goal. The more aggressive you are, the greater your numbers will be.
The use of social media is invaluable because it reaches target customers in a straightforward manner. Even when you are getting a stream of good results, the additional use of social media will boost your success even higher.

When gathering traffic information you want to be sure you consider the following:

  • The count of total daily visits to your site
  • Using pay per click campaigns to target specific geography based traffic
  • Calculate the number of new and recurring visitors
  • Analyze the direct visitors, referrals, organic search traffic and the traffic from social media


The proof is in the pudding

The important fact to remember is that more traffic means more prospects.

This, in turn, means more leads and more sales. To increase traffic, you need a full understanding of how your site is performing as well as where you want it to be. As overwhelming as analyzing numbers may be, the more education you have towards website statistics, the less likely someone can take advantage of your lack of knowledge.