5 Great Elements to Consider in Building a Solid Government Communications Platform

5 Great Elements to Consider in Building a Solid Government Communications Platform

Communication within the government sector is crucial, not only for the organizations but also for the citizenry they are serving; if they are to meet the required goals and expectations. The people working within the organization will only be able to work entirely towards the goals if they are aware of what needs to get done and how they can do it. Communication is, therefore, an important factor that needs sufficient consideration. Highlighted below are a few examples of factors to be considered;

1. Create a platform and space for your organization to listen

Constructive criticism fosters improved services; it’s a well-known fact by most businesses. Governments have to provide spaces where the employees, as well as the citizens they are serving, can communicate their grievances and give compliments accordingly. This space will be of utmost benefit since they; will take note of the areas that need improvement and suggestions provided can be creative solutions to the problems faced. Some great examples of platforms could be Facebook (or other social media that allows for comments), open website forums, or events themselves.

2. Ask Questions

Once a platform is set up, people need to be encouraged to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. So as the organization engages the public and the employees through questions, responses may be received, analyzed and interpreted. After that, an adaptation of appropriate measures can be consolidated and applied. However, it is important to note the difference between someone who is trolling (like an internet troll) and someone who is genuinely raising a concern. Trolls are out to make an organization look bad without a valid reason. Focus an organization’s energies towards the genuine queries.

3. Highlight your team

Highlighting your team gives an organization a face. Once an organization has a face, it immediately becomes personable. Shine a light on those hardworking members and leaders. Let the public understand the internal structure and processes involved in the running of the organizations. When the public knows your team, they are more likely to relate positively and therefore increase the chances of working in harmony with the frontline staff members.

4. Respond to concerns

All organizations have to give a response to their customer’s queries that said government institutions are no exception to the rule. People like being heard, whenever similar queries/ questions are continually raised about something, frequently, such factors need to be noted. As you plan to improve the organization, come up with solutions with the department that’s in line to quickly resolve the query and implement the solutions discussed. Contact the people (both internal and external) who made the inquisitions and inform them that the organization is working towards an agreeable solution. Responding will go a long way when it comes to improving relations with the public as well as internally with the employees.

5. Highlight the positives

Organizations have to regularly highlight the positive achievements and accomplishments they have garnered thus far; this is particularly salient in the case of government institutions. The best way to do this is through visual imagery such as pictures and videos. Make the public aware of what makes your organization so unique. Do not assume the public is aware of the great strides you are making within the sector. Organize campaign drives geared at informing the public in great detail about the happenings of the firm. If the positives promoted are significantly more than the negatives it will be an excellent step towards good relations with the public and the internal team.

Build your content plan

Before you disperse information to the workforce team ensure it’s appropriate. By appropriate, we mean; what are you trying to communicate? That is to say what the main essence of the message or memo is. Make sure it is well structured, concise and direct. Let the team which the message is directed to understand what needs to get done and what outcome is expected from them. If deadlines are required, ensure they are properly stated, and ultimately the message received is by the necessary people on time. Also make sure to plan your content ahead of time so that no one is scrambling to get the message out.

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