design [moves] Published in Livid Magazine

design [moves] Published in Livid Magazine


Publication: Livid Magazine 2013


“Thanks again for the support from the Livid Team.
This had been an article that I had wanted to write for a while now towards the silent problems of celebrities.”
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The art of Branding a Celebrity

Author: Larissa Castelluber

Amongst the various unordinary prices that celebs have to face in the spotlight, keeping themselves in the media is something especially important however much considered as such “a bastard child” (a topic rarely spoken about) . There have been rumors of various celebrities crashing their cars to be able to continue being seen in big name magazines… now why do you ask? Because their name needs to be talked about regardless of whether a positive or negative commentary is made. Their name, their face and their career is essentially what encompasses their brand.Livid Magazine Design Moves Feature

Now for instance, you are on a hit Television series “ America’s Next Top Model” and you rank top ten or even win the show for that particular season! What are your steps towards after the show has aired?? Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley have won the mysterious game of branding, quoted and seen as legends even past their lives today.

There are so many celebrities that have fallen off the radar, many from which I would rather not mention. But just think about it, who did you love as a pop mogul and celebrity that no longer appears on TV or on the tabloids anymore? Let me tell you there are a lot more faded stars than the ones presently in the media today.

Such as the original entrepreneurs of existence, drug dealers (fun fact),  celebrities have to become wise business entrepreneurs in order to stay alive and present within their careers. Before an entrepreneur or business leader starts branding  his or her business they need to consider that branding encompassing not only what’s on camera but what’s off-camera as well could prove just as crucial to their business success.

No you don’t have to become a drug dealer nor “twerk” like Miley Cyrus to stay famous, however you have to learn to prioritize the messages that you are giving to your audience. Once you find your inner brand’s top messages, then repeat like hell (in creative ways of-course) to ingrain your message within your fans minds.

Even though this isn’t one of those fabulous DIY type of branding pieces, here at design [moves] the first step is always clarifying your goals, and messages thus making it happen. You must first know where you are going (Point B) to be able to follow a guide towards getting you there. A piece of the map is what branding managers are for (wink wink).

Seriously though.. There is nothing more disappointing then having an opportunity to become truly great (from which everyone has the capabilities of becoming) , and then blowing it because you failed to follow through.