Design Moves LLC Hosted the Graphic Artists Guild #TheGuildChatLIVE Representing the South Florida Region

Design Moves LLC Hosted the Graphic Artists Guild #TheGuildChatLIVE Representing the South Florida Region


April 15, 2019-Design Moves LLC, has most recently hosted the Graphic Artists Guild Southern Region‘s #TheGuildChatLive. The national organization the Graphic Artists Guild, has been serving its members, by helping them to build successful careers, through technical training and providing the much-needed support to compete effectively in a dynamic market. Creative professionals and those studying to become creative professionals can join the Graphic Artists Guild. Today many graphic and interactive designers, illustrators, web programmers, animators, and developers all over the country are a part of the Graphic Artists Guild.

The Graphic Artists Guild has five Guild regions; Eastern region, New England region, Mid-Western region, Western region and Southern region. The Guild’s Southern region includes Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. The Guild provides a voice for student associates and other professional artists to grow as a creative community.  The Guild Chat Live is an event to discuss and deliberate on industry issues and share resources to educate the graphic designer fraternity. This is actually an extension of #TheGuildChat – Graphic Artists Guild’s virtual event, where panelists would come online to drive the discussions over the internet.

In #TheGuildChatLive, the audience will get to speak to the panelists in person. #TheGuildChatLive is a quarterly event of the guild. Florida has hosted this event April 11th (the first of it’s kind in Florida), followed by Georgia in May and Texas in October this year of 2019. In this event, participants will cover professional concepts for creative businesses, share their experiences and learning with esteemed panelists and fellow like-minded creative professionals.

The Panelists include:

Creative professionals often tend to work in isolation or as individuals, so they happen to miss on the advantages of a team. Learning newer technologies or skills in this dynamic world is important and there is an urgent need to support the creative industry. Learning as a community has its own benefits as you could leverage mentorship from fellow members, and network within your industry.  

Events like #TheGuildChatLive help creative professionals learn as a community. Designs Moves LLC is a design-related company that understands and aligns itself to the goals of the Guild and is honored to host the #TheGuildChatLive. Design Moves LLC is known to conduct, co-organize & host webinars, seminars, conferences and programs to help the entrepreneurship as well as artist community to grow in skills and competence as a whole. They are confident that the Graphic Artists Guild’s #TheGuildChatLive event will continue in its mission to provide a learning platform towards creative professionals on a national scale. 

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