Case Study: Tripling Leads Through SEO

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Case Study: Tripling Leads Through SEO

Business growth is paramount to sales, and profit. In the evolution which we are experiencing, with advancement in technology, it is no surprise that associated software, applications and tools have been created to enhance the use of the internet. You can maximize these enhancements to transform your business from a plan with a steady trickle of income to a triple-earning power market with maximized online leads.

 One of the ways lead generation is achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) made possible with continuous consistent what we call “sweat equity” (no paid advertising involved). Achieving real time Search Engine Optimization is possible with some tools that support your content and promote growth; knowing how to effectively use these tools is what becomes crucial, and beneficial, to the transformation of your business into a top-lead, profit-making venture. 


Due to the nature of this business, and it’s competitors we cannot disclose this particular client but we can mention it’s involving high end luxury car services nationally. They are a medium-sized business and can take several hundred orders per week, as well as take on large scale event transportation needs.


Maintaining & Growing SEO through industry

Search Engine Optimization is what makes your business visible during ‘online searches’ on different search engines. Basically, if someone types in your industry, efficient use of SEO makes it such that your website comes up in one of the first few results they see. Being within reach of immediate information is one part, which is ensured by growing and maintaining your business’ SEO through industry. The next part is captivating their attention long enough to encourage engagement, which is the next goal.

Redesigning their outdated website

The design, style and overall concept of your website are all very important in maximizing your lead generation results. While SEO puts you upfront, an updated, vibrant website keeps you there, because the more people view your website and interact with your content, the higher your lead generation becomes. Therefore, it is very important to redesign an outdated website, while making sure that the content doesn’t go out of range. This increases engagement and promotes digital validation of the business.

Implementing Better Tracking Metrics

With a fully optimized website, it becomes relatively easier to optimize the tracking efforts by all users alike. An understanding of the enhanced tools for SEO help to keep track and analyze the rate of traffic and engagements. We have optimized Google Analytic’s Goals feature to be able to track quotes and calls for better tracking metrics. 

Demographic Reach

This is the basic demographic data of the target audience, and their interaction with optimized content on your website. 

High End Transportation Riders with a very specific need. 

Comfort, luxury and professionalism are important to this demographic, so it is important to keep that in mind when designing content for SEO and really conducting buyers intent based keyword research. 

Action Plan

In achieving the goals above, as well as the central objective of tripling online lead generation results, the following action are carried out;

  • Maintain pre-existing competitive SEO keywords

The constant, directed use of SEO keywords is what helps with engaging traffic. It is important to keep up with any keywords which have been around long enough in that business, but keep in mind that they must fit the industry.

  • Start the redesign process while maintaining the structure of the website, so that the future website migration does not affect the past SEO at all

As opposed to doing a total sweep out of the pre-existing website’s design, and content, we conducted several audits to make sure the keywords and tags were not removed within any element of the website. 

  • Create a future plan for SEO keyword opportunities

Make plans towards incorporating other top-ranking SEO keywords into content and “lower hanging fruit” opportunities for first page 

  • Create custom goals for Google Analytics

The Goals Section of Google Analytics is a great tool for most businesses measuring their digital marketing efforts. Learn more about google analytics goals here. 


The outcome from this strategy is achieving over triple of the initial lead generation result after applying the newer design and appropriate efforts toward SEO. 
BONUS** National keywords were being ranked due to our efforts.

The Lesson

Our plan hit it out of the park! There was a 300% overall increase in calls, as well as new quotes per month. While maintaining the delicate nature of it’s pre-existing website SEO was the initial plan, the optimized and redesigned not only retained it’s pre-existing SEO but flourished into new opportunities and triple the conversions!!


Aside from building what already is a powerful SEO strategy, the only way up from here is UP. There have been complaints, however, of them getting TOO BUSY, but that’s our goal. 😉

“We’ll leave the operations to you, boss. Our business is to keep making your business grow and find new opportunities.”


The more keywords ranking on the first page, the more opportunities for new business.

Please note**SEO is not a case of instant gratification. If you are willing to wait, you will prosper from it in the long run.

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