Case Study: Linger Magazine

Case Study: Linger Magazine

Linger Magazine is a privately owned luxury print and digital publication based in Boston, MA. Launched in May 2010, this monthly publication covers local and international news in the beauty, fashion, hair, makeup and modeling industries. Linger has received validation from certified industry organizations, such as FOLIO and The Fashion Model Directory. PR Couture celebrates Linger as one of “8 Digital Magazines You Should Know”. Niche Media refers to Linger as ‘One of the Top Ten Niche Publications’.
This particular magazine provides a unique and interactive platform for creative talents to showcase their individual vigor and originality. Each month, Linger leaves fashion-hungry readers with content and images that linger on their minds until the next issue captivates and heightens their visual senses. Known for supporting emerging talent, Linger is a highly sought-after platform for aspiring fashion designers and models seeking an interactive home for their unique flair of creativity, due mostly in part to several fashion initiatives Linger has established. Linger Magazine is mobile-ready and interactive, and compiles an annual limited-edition, glossy print issue to commemorate our anniversary.


Overcome the branding / marketing problems unifying what the brand and main message was conveying.
The potential for growth had been seen as they were already recognized as being a strong e-publication; needed a way to harness this influence and more-so unify the brand as a whole.


Establish a look that the company and audience is proud to represent. The goal of a magazine is to accentuate the content and making sure that the company backing the content looks credible.
Make sure the look is parallel on all platforms. Ensure that all e-newsletters, the mobile apps and all social media platforms were on the same level both visually and professionally in terms of the message, tone and language.
Social media had to be consistent and upkeep with the stories that had been published. All involved needed to know that they had been recognized for their work and interviews.
Reputation management. Ensure the avenues where the Linger Brand had worked had good things to say about them.
Build subscription numbers for publication and followers on social media.


Keeping to Linger’s brand equity (their logo), we upgraded Linger’s look to a more classic aesthetic, creating an image that will never get outdated no matter how different the content may vary.
The look had a complete overhaul on all outlets, such as website redesign, social media marketing / management, email marketing design, and magazine redesign.
Multi-layered strategy built for greatest impact; solid foundation made first with continuous marketing efforts coming second.
Focused on mobile-based subscriptions and promoted reviews for mobile apps.
Made content available on all platforms in an easy to find and use design, making widest reach to consumers.
Placed subscription signup more prominently on website homepage, and grew homepage advertising ability by 70%.
Incorporated Pinterest and Vimeo videos, adding another form of advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Pinterest that assist in selling and overall coverage of the magazine.


Greater outcome of audience, from first time readers, loyal fans and celebrities re-tweeting, and following the Linger name. This created a avid growth in the amount of press the magazine received, as well as exclusive celebrity articles they had been getting from well known PR firms.
Reviews grew 100% on the iPhone App, Android App, and Fan Page Reviews, and 20% increase on CEO interviews based on Editor in Chief Tiffany Tate’s journey.
Official Facebook fan page of International Photographer Nigel Barker liking the photograph that Linger Magazine had shared.


Exponential growth of magazine views compared to prior months.
(psst… We began around October 2014)
Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.08.20 PM
iPhone-based subscriptions increased by 20% and mobile based subscriptions grew overall.
Facebook and Twitter followers increased by over 5,000 people, uping search exposure and fan base. Celebrities tweeting and responding to features, bringing more attention.
Website Traffic has a consistent 5,000 visitors per month. 30% more signups have occurred on the new homepage, as well as subscribers connecting to all of the social media outlets.

As we dive further into the company’s goals, businesses will have continuous milestones to be met however here are our overall stats of improvement since we started ;)

Subscription Mobile Growth:
– Worked on promoting reviews for the apps which lead to an iphone Subscriptions increase to 20%
-Increase by 5,000+ followers
– Increased search exposure and fan base
– Mid to Large Size Celebrities are now tweeting back as well as responding to our features
Website Traffic has a consistent 5,000 visitors per month:
– Posts are now spread on all platforms reaching all fans/viewers
– Placing the signup in the home page more prominent, more signups by 30% have occurred as well as folks connecting to all of the social media outlets
– New Homepage allows for 70% more opportunity advertising than before
– Page views: Top Issues most viewed because of the changes implemented are January, February, March 2015
Video views:
– By incorporating pinterest and vimeo videos, we have added another form of advertising on facebook, twitter, vimeo, pinterest that assist in selling and overall coverage of the magazine

The numbers do not lie! Thanks for reading.

– Design Moves LLC Team