Case Study: Inspire Med Spa

Case Study: Inspire Med Spa


Inspire Med Spa is a local business based in New Jersey that deals with holistic, cosmetic and general practice services catering towards the local community. Before Design Moves had originally taken on the project, the majority of the clientele had found out about the company via word of mouth. Through the years, due to the inconsistent method of advertising, during tough times Inspire Med Spa’s business declined while the competition’s rose.


Build up level of communication to current customers, a problem most businesses face.
Find new customers to branch out to.
Raise awareness of range of offerings to current and potential clients. Inspire Med Spa has a wide variety of solutions to problems.
Make known complementary services to raise repeat clients and boost ratings.


Create a solid foundation for the company to build-up already established word-of-mouth publicity and make it spread quicker.
Unify the brands professional image with all of its possible outlets.
Compile all press the company had received, events previously participated in, and videos made prior to one location. Make accessible to all new and old customers, showcase amount of time and experience in field, thus boosting credibility.
Attach all informational and branded outlets to Inspire Med Spa’s main website, make information easy to access and maintain.
Build up social media and email presence, keep clients informed on everything new and current with the company.
Utilize the name “Inspire” to create a welcoming environment, as well as showcasing their expertise in their field. Inspire Med Spa received its name from the company’s effort to uplift others both in and out of workplace.


Results have been tremendous and continuous in introducing new products, promotions and innovation. Inspire Med Spa now has a competitive edge amongst the arising competition and some large-scale franchises as well. The company made it a priority to take care of its current client base that had been there from the very beginning.