Case Study: Freshalamode

Case Study: Freshalamode


Freshalamode is an ecommerce website that caters to unique female accessories and other such jewelry. They are dedicated to giving their clients the freshest and trendiest fashion accessories and needed an online base that could support them in that endeavour.


Move pre-existing jewelry sales to an e-commerce website-based business, while attracting new customers and gaining more widespread attention.
Start both brand and company websites and heighten presence online and in social media to raise credibility.

Action Plan:

Design and build e-commerce website, working hand-in-hand with the company throughout the whole process.
Emphasis on being cost-effective while still being user friendly and presenting a foundation for women to have fun while shopping online.
Create a “fun yet professional” retailer website. Strategize to create a foundation where celebrities feel comfortable to talk about, and thus advertise, the brand.


Women from the television show Jerseylicious quickly found and enjoyed the brand, started talking about the company on their social media accounts.
Customer website visits increased tenfold.
Brand exploded on Instagram.
Freshalamode is continuing to grow and innovate their business along with their clientele.


Having this amount of collaborative effort worked to great success, and Freshalamode continues to bring the latest trends out to their customers. The business now serves and is successful internationally.