Case Study: Art Meets Fashion

Case Study: Art Meets Fashion


Art Meets Fashion is a non-profit organization sponsored by one of our partners that had collaborated to create an event to represent artists and fashion in a way that gave back to the community. Visual artists of various forms had incorporated pieces with high fashion concepts in an exceptionally interesting way to fuse the two mediums together during a charitable event.


Represent the concept and theme of the event in a way that was easily understood and interpreted to the area-specific audience: New York City viewers, fashionistas and artists alike.
Focus the event in a cohesive way for ease of viewing, for there had been no collateral pieces for the art gallery event.


Create a minimalistic look and design for the event and advertising, so as to let the art pieces speak for themselves.
Use the art featured in the event as the centerpiece for the marketing campaign to best inform the public.
Make simple, yet eye catching promotional fliers, and have all press material include a unique event logo.
Build a branded website specifically for the event in a way that appeals exactly to high end art gallery buyers. The website would feature each of the artists involved with the project specifically, to give the event a personal touch in marketing.
Use the connections already made for the event; collaborate with high-end social media managers and use relations within popular modeling agencies, such as Ford Models.


Promotional fliers featured on the official Ford Models Blog, created desired buzz for the event.
Widespread attention brought to press features, resulting in event being a great success.
Successfully brought Manhattan art market to Brooklyn for the event, creating a larger physical audience.