Amplifying your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Amplifying your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Research shows that Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the most effective form of marketing. In such a situation it can be very frustrating for a firm that’s just starting out or has ventured into previously uncharted areas. But with Word-of-Mouth Marketing, it becomes easier for businesses to get their word out in an efficient form since most of the time the person marketing the product via Word-of-Mouth Marketing is considered one of the highest trusted source.

Organic vs. amplified Word-of-Mouth Marketing

  • Organic WOMM occurs when people naturally become advocates of a particular product because of the high satisfaction levels, after using or hearing very positive reviews of the product.
  • Amplified WOMM: This is where the marketers launch varying levels of campaigns or product activations designed to encourage or accelerate WOM in existing or new communities.
  • The goal of WOMM: let the customers bring themselves out of their decision making without the feeling of coercion. People are more inclined to share or talk about your business when you exceed their expectations. WOMM is mainly about trying to find ways to generate traffic to your website or business


There are several tactics to amplify WOMM

  • Ask for referrals –once a customer likes your product encourage them to refer you to someone who would be interested in the product. Give them a referral discount for example for every referral that uses the customer’s unique referral code you get a discount or a free product sample.
  • Ask for honest reviews after your customers have gone through a service or purchased a product. The more online reviews, the stronger your SEO and credibility efforts will be.
  • Reward loyal customers, once a customer feels appreciated and recognized they will virtually feel like a part of the product family and may promote the use of your product or service to their contacts.
  • Engage online ambassadors; the conversation can be a handy tool. By creating opportunities for open communication. Get the ambassadors of your product talking about your product commenting on and sharing posts and reviewing your products online or whichever platform that they are using or is available to them.
  • Partner with industry influencers, this can be bloggers/ vloggers who have a large following on your product, media personalities, local and national celebrities and where possible international well-known icons.
  • Provide exceptional customers with incentives like freebies, discounts, vouchers or even a cause form of marketing like what Tommy shoes did by pledging to donate shoes to an underprivileged needy person for every pair bought.


Stay a part of the conversation

  • Talk about what’s happening in the news- remain relevant within your platforms this will keep your followers interested and involved with your business, and they will not forget about your product, and it may lead to acquisition of new customers
  • What’s trending in social media- always stay up-to-date, whatever industry news and trends that are floating online link and tag them to your business.
  • “Piggyback” campaigns off of online trends already happening. This will allow you as a company to be known within new circles and also your SEO rankings will go up.
  • Stay human in the process. Keep in mind that however technologically forward we become that we are still connecting with humans on the other side of the screen. Ensure your business and whatever you are posting online is personal and extremely targeted. Aim for each notification to feel like a text from a friend. Such targeted engagement is exceptionally accurate for the millennial generation who tend to act as brand influencers, and they continually share their opinions with family and friends and online community. Majority of them want to be part and parcel of the conversation instead of being told what to do.
  • Be inspiring and let your content be very visually appealing and creative in the way its expressed platforms like Pinterest can help a business maintain its Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Pictures will help build a consistent brand image allowing your loyal followers notice your product and comment wherever they appear in support of you.
  • Build credibility with your customers. Define an own-able voice let your clientele know what your story is, what makes you unique and why people should do business with you. Of course, you shouldn’t put it that plainly but rather in the way you portray your information allowing your business to be competitive in today’s very competitive markets.

Companies and especially brands need to figure out the best ways to get people to trust, engage, and believe in what they have to offer. Word-of-Mouth Marketing is a great tool; However, this marketing device can be enhanced much more aggressively to bring fresh faces into your business.

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