Free Business Workshops Offered in South Florida for 2018

Free Business Workshops Offered in South Florida for 2018


The reason for having the free business workshop is to establish an active and healthy business community. The workshop will facilitate interactions between different kinds of themes and sharing expert’s experiences in order to really develop your business faster than it usually would. The end goal of these interactions is overall business advancement. Meetings planned in 2018 will act as follow-ups and provide indications of growth as well as awareness. These free business workshops will be held at the Design Moves Office based in South Florida.

Why come?

Workshops are free of charge and informationally tailored per topic. Attendees will benefit significantly from sitting in and listening to the various speakers of different enterprises. The workshops are mainly an avenue that can be used to achieve company and organizational success for their goals in South Florida. Attending seminars will give you the chance to mix and mingle, to help strengthen existing relationships you’ve already built and start new ones. You very well might find yourself sitting next to your new customer or your new mentor. Live events could also help you break out of your comfort zone, pushing you to think of fresh new ideas to apply to your business.

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Why Speak?

If you are in attendance, another important option to consider is speaking during the event. As people get to interact with you in real life, speaking at this workshop would offer free publicity and advertising for yourself as a brand in South Florida. Another benefit is that all meetings are recorded and made available to everyone that cannot attend. As mentioned, speaking at a workshop can help you to network and indirectly promote your business. With a little follow-up, some of those in attendance could quickly become your new client. Preparing for the workshop will keep you on top of industry changes and as well as be presented an expert in your field.
The criteria of speakers are that they must show expertise on the topic that they will be presenting, they must not directly sell any of their products, and they must share the event to their peers. It is encouraged that the presentations should be in PowerPoint. The use of other educational material is encouraged for use by the speaker. The speaker must provide at least two weeks’ notice if they wish to cancel for any reason to avoid any inconvenience.
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Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring the event gives you visibility with a target audience. It will position your company as an industry leader. Sponsorships attract visitors to your organization and provide the opportunity to increase sales. The sponsorship packages are used to facilitate the meetings. All the funds from patronage and donations will be used to better provide resources for the meetings such as providing cocktails, hors’dourves, books etc. Sponsorships benefit everyone that is involved in the meetings. There are expected to be at least 20 visitors per session. The sponsorship opportunities are not limited to in-person opportunities, but there are also online packages which can are beneficial for social media promotion and advancement of your agenda as a sponsor.
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