Case Study: Profiles98 Magazine

Case Study: Profiles98 Magazine


Profiles98 Magazine is an international magazine that brings influences of Caribbean style and culture to the mainstream. Based in the Bahamas, their aim is to educate outsiders to know what it is really like to be amongst the culture and share what the locals have to offer.
Design Moves has had the privilege to work with Profiles 98 Magazine in terms of total branding awareness. Joining our team with theirs, we were able to combine the face paced work style of New York City with the captivating attitude and vibrancy of the Caribbean countries to showcase the magnificence that they are today. The Caribbean culture is beyond tourism, and it has been a journey to be able to fully distinguish them as the powerhouse they are.


Separate Profiles98 from their competitors.
Enter into a new professional level within print publications.
Build a competitive edge with international competitors within the same industries.


Pinpointing the magazines major current competitors; local businesses within the magazine industry were too small to compete with.
Improve the design work to a new level of professionalism so that large franchises and corporations would be more intrigued into buying ads specifically in Profiles98 to reach the Caribbean readers and audience amongst distribution centers around the world.
Gain more readership within the main website that would eventually pull readers to read the full articles within the digital publications.
Create more avenues for expansion by bringing in more complementary products and services.
Visually and structurally improve the business foundation, making it capable for more growth with minimal additional expenses.
Ensure all elements are 100% user friendly and have visually stunning design work.
Create a design with equity that will not have to be replaced every season, thus saving much more money. Structure the entire design around the business, don’t structure the business around the design.


Using the Magazine’s Pre-existing Website system, Design Moves redesigned the front panel to allow for the content writers to post every week without having any problems.
The website was designed to be light and show all subjects from which they highlight; from bringing in the Fashionista’s showing exclusive shoots and runway trends to the travelers interested in visiting the Caribbean and Bahamas.
Made more room for advertising space and video features, making the website much more enjoyable to visit and read international culture news for both customers and advertisers.
The published magazine was redesigned and developed in terms of layout. The cover shot standard is nothing less than perfect, as are the stories that follow. The color themes are always vibrant and cutting edge when it comes to the high fashion portions.
Visually both online and offline the bar has been raised in all aspects, set naturally by fun loving culture the magazine comes from.
All social media outlets have been refined and are continually updated so that it consistently reminds their fans to visit the main website.
Their new website redesign:
New Issue Sneak Peaks:

Profiles98 Magazine Spring Issue
Cover Story
High Fashion Photography
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