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Website Maintanence is just as crucial as the web design itself.Sites are used as a promotional marketing tool representing thecompany that you have built for yourself in the present time.Outdated sites can sometimes reverse the overall purpose of havinga website, and lessen your credibility as a professional. design [moves] functions in terms of standard rates depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Hourly rates are not consistent in our book,as we try to get the task finished for you as soon as possible.

Recommended Hosting & Domain Support

Product changes and additions Updates to calendar or events Add breaking news or upcoming events Add photos, graphics, graphs and chartsText re-writes and improvements Site facelifts and makeovers

All Website Maintenance plans include:

  • + Testing after every edit
  • + Full Backup copy of your website
  • + Monthly, detailed invoicing
  • + Communication 5 days a week
  • + Friendly, personal service!
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