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  • “I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my website. It’s easy to navigate, fresh-looking, and contains everything necessary for marketing. I had a lot of content that needed to be organized on the site, and Dmoves did a great job of consolidating and formatting. The site is so clear and concise. Also, since the life of an actor is constantly changing, I frequently have a lot of updates. The team is fantastically prompt and can follow through with any request. I highly recommend their services.”
    ~ Broadway Actress Janine DiVita
  • “We love them! Larissa is the BEST! I actually open restaurants for a living all over the US so I know how difficult it can be to find a company and a stellar team member like her. She is so easy to work with and patient. We were under the gun for the opening of our restaurant and she nailed everything we requested of her. Can’t say enough or give them enough starts – they are simply the BEST.”
    ~ Kelly R. Hudspeth, Restaurant Consultant, Houston Texas
  • design [moves] has helped me create the business ideas in my mind and made them come to reality! Tons of thoughts were scrambled but then put into place with patience and understanding for me as their client. Not only are they a business, they are great professionals to help you make great business choices that will better your venture. I have experienced great business, and really don’t think of doing my printing or website needs with another company. I know they are reliable, reasonable and efficient. Thank you for your time and services. Keep up the great work!!”
    ~ Nyleescia Crosby
  • “I entrust DMoves to handle one of the most important facets of my business, my website. I am always impressed with their immediate response time, ability to bring life to my creative concepts and promptness on getting the job done. DMoves is absolutely a company I recommend working with.”~ Sean Turi Photography
  • “Larissa is an extremely charismatic yet meticulous about detail when it comes to her business. She is organized and is consistently researching the latest on goings in her field to keep her business a head of her competitors. It has been extraordinary to work with her as she makes doing business enjoyable. She is always willing to explain the tasks at hand and offer her advise. Larissa is reliable, diligent and doesn’t stop until the job is complete.”~ Dennis Buchanan: D. Buchannan Clothing

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