Fun Facts

Design Moves tailors all concepts and services towards client’s objectives.
We love to help and educate during the process
All of the services that we provide for are applicable for a tax write off.
All of our websites come with a google listing and meta-tags for search engines.
We serve the east coast and west coast.
No, Not everyone and their cousin can do web design properly.
“Practice safe design: Use a concept”
We work with credible advertising agencies and marketing companies.
Estimates are presented and accepted before there is an agreement.
“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”
Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute…. Serving various industries is among the hardest to fulfill, but the most gratifying when accomplished.
We love to collaborate with companies as passionate as we are.
Local print shops are made to print, not to design.
We have an actual office location as opposed to other design companies or freelance designers.
Web design is very different from graphic design.
“We aren’t designing photocopies of web pages, we’re designing web pages”