The Importance of Google News & Google Alerts

  Google alerts are a distinctive way to drive traffic to a website. It can be described as the emailed notifications of news items related to the requested search terms…
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top utilized social media for business

Top Utilized Social Media Channels for Business

Social media has been one of the greatest innovations in technology. Not only are we able to communicate effectively, but it has increased our ability to market directly to those…
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marketing for non profits

Top Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits

Nonprofit marketers have the difficult task of communicating the value of their mission, raising brand awareness, gaining supporters, all without it boiling down to “sell something.” While having a purpose…
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Case Study: A Whole New Client Base with PPC Ads

Recently, Design Moves had the opportunity to build a significant part of new clients for a company who had a niche for children’s parties. This particular company had worked with…
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Mood Boards and Why we should all create one

If you are into design or just love creating in general, chances are that you are always looking for inspiration. And sometimes, inspiration can just run dry. If you are…
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government social media marketing

Government and the Importance of Social Media

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.  -Thomas Jefferson   Social media is undoubtedly one of the…
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Marketing vs. Sales

Marketing and sales. Both are aimed at increasing revenue, but these two terms are so closely intertwined that people often don’t know the difference between the two at all. However,…
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Top Marketing Tactics for Realtors

Realty has always been an extremely competitive business. Marketing for realty is even more fiercely competitive when trying to keep up with the advances in technology and online mediums. Getting…
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Marketing vs. Branding

Marketing and branding are often easily mistaken to be the same thing when in reality, they are two completely different concepts. Marketing is the method in which you deliver your…
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What You Should Know Before Self-Publishing

Very few people know what all goes into the publishing process. If you dream of a career as a writer, the more information you have on the marketplace and the…
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