Case Studies


Case Study: Local Government + Social Media

ABOUT This year we at Design Moves were fortunate enough to enter into the local government arena. Having an outside perspective looking in is an area that we have found…
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Case Study: Breaking Out Your Own Business

Yacht Detailing Services is a brand new small business based in Fort Lauderdale. Yacht Detailing Services was started by a former employee of another yacht service company who dreamed of…
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Case Study: Linger Magazine

Linger Magazine is a privately owned luxury print and digital publication based in Boston, MA. Launched in May 2010, this monthly publication covers local and international news in the beauty,…
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Case Study: Art Meets Fashion

About: Art Meets Fashion is a non-profit organization sponsored by one of our partners that had collaborated to create an event to represent artists and fashion in a way that…
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Case Study: Freshalamode

About: Freshalamode is an ecommerce website that caters to unique female accessories and other such jewelry. They are dedicated to giving their clients the freshest and trendiest fashion accessories and…
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Case Study: Inspire Med Spa

About: Inspire Med Spa is a local business based in New Jersey that deals with holistic, cosmetic and general practice services catering towards the local community. Before Design Moves had…
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Case Study: Profiles98 Magazine

ABOUT: Profiles98 Magazine is an international magazine that brings influences of Caribbean style and culture to the mainstream. Based in the Bahamas, their aim is to educate outsiders to know…
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