BOSS LIFE: What it means to Design Moves LLC

April 28, 2017
Boss Life is a commonly known slang term for doing “boss related activities” or “dealing with the day-to-day things in a leadership perspective.”   Here at Design Moves LLC, we deal with bosses or directors of bosses all the time. We would like to take this opportunity to commend them for all of their hard work regardless of whether the business is small or large. Design Moves LLC will also take notice of those working towards becoming a leader in many ways; owning up to your decisions and leading from the front.   In light of today’s event, Dancing in the Streets based in Oakland Park FL, Design Moves LLC will give away these shirts as a token of appreciation and hope to inspire others here in South Florida to do the same.   To follow the several pictures, please search the hashtag #SOFLOHUSTLE on Instagram and Twitter to learn about what the South Florida community has been doing.

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